Software Development

RGI solely work towards enhancing the profits and revenues of their clients. Enhancing your target market and creating a sustainable position in a long term-process and this cannot be achieved without the help of website communication. Undoubtedly, websites have revolutionized and customer-specific messages can be put across in a better way We have got our own beliefs, values and codes of practice that are highly nurtured inside the company.

Web Development

RGI has been the trusted IT services, technology consulting and business IT solutions. We provide Web application development, website maintenance, website design, SEO and Microsoft FrontPage Web design services We are specializes in designing high quality and effective web sites, web development for small to medium-sized business clients all over the world. Quality is the key without compromising on costs and in this process we strive to create value to businesses.

Android Development

With the increase in the number of Android devices in the market and the adoption of Android by mobile manufacturers, it is no doubt that Android Application Development is a service that no company can ignore. Our Android app development team is skilled at developing for Android Devices including phones, tablets and phablets.We optimise the design of the application based on your requirement so that the user experience in the application

Meet The Team

  •  Human Resource Manager, RGI

    We would like to work with employees who use their expertise and skills for mutual growth and benefit of our company and themselves.
    Instead of using our software technology to automate processes, we are thinking about using this to enhance human interaction


  • Rahul Jain - Marketing Head

    Our motto is to do good marketing which makes our company look smart. But when we go for Great Marketing it makes the customer feel smart.


What We Say About Us

  •  - Our Director, RGI


    Define your goals very clearly and precisely. It helps   you map out and anticipate obstacles. Obstacles will come, oh yes they   will. For me, working hard is a daily business. It is a marathon, not a   sprint. "Success is not a result of luck. It is a result of how you   spend your free time."

    Dont worry about failing. It is nothing. It is the   voice of other people ringing inside our heads. Remember Thomas Edisons   quote: "I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont   work.

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